4 Reasons Why Music and Entertainment are ESSENTIAL in Markets

By Sarah Beecroft

You know that magical feeling when you walk into the Market Place? The friendly faces, the vibrant colours, the exotic foods and passionate stallholders showing off their homemade wares. It is a place of whimsical charm where almost anything can happen. But what really pulls all of this together? The musical entertainment !! Here are 4 reasons why live music and buskers are essential for Market success.


Music Brings People and Communities Together

Maybe it’s that favourite song you share with a partner or friend, or something fun to do with the kids. We know it’s that musical element that makes us all want to spend some quality time together. Music also creates that uncontrollable urge to hum along, get up and dance or just toe tap in rhythm! Before you know it, there is a whole crowd of people enjoying the songs and joining in a communal tune together- walking around carrying that song in their hearts and minds.


It Creates Atmosphere

Think of a movie without music?  It would feel very bland and static and all those crucial emotional moments would be lost on you. This is why films use music to create atmosphere and among the fantasy world of Markets, buskers and live musicians do the same thing. They create that wonderful atmosphere through their musical instruments and bring along a sense of happiness to engage patrons into the market experience.


Music Moves You To Another Place

Day to day life can become very repetitive and we all at some point use some sort of outlet to escape reality. Markets can use this musical and surreal environment to produce that fairytale feeling. Melodies move people to a friendlier and more exciting environment, a place where you would rather be.


It’s a Stress Reliever

Music supplies a captivating energy that fills the markets with beautiful sounds. This allows us to step out of our stressful lives and into a calm and enchanting place where we can relax. Markets absolutely need to make you feel comfortable and at ease, and there is no better thing to smooth over those worries than some good old-fashioned music!

So – to all the musicians out there that have a  sound that befits the Marketplace community, acoustic, flute, Caribbean, vocals  etc- register today and help create the enchanting world for all to enjoy as they stroll around.


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